Ok I think that’s enough #jackrussell

I’ll show my tongue in this one #jackrussell

I look better this side so take this side :) #jackrussell

My instant noodle became chips! #chips #noodles #snacks

Hazy panties

The haze in Singapore is fluctuating between levels of unhealthy and hazardous. People are all staying indoors liao. So sad, why become liddat? Masks are also sold out everywhere, sibei kiasu and kiasi lei Singaporeans! Luckily I got one big pack on standby at home wakakaka!!

Despite all this haze, lots of people are making a joke out of it. It’s not a bad thing though, laughing through this together. I can’t imagine how the people dealt with the haze problem back in 1997, there weren’t anything like facebook or sgag. lol

Anyway I heard Malaysia has issued no work order or something. Why Singapore not doing the same thing ar? I mean, is working really that important that we should turn away from our health meh?

What if got people like me asthma?! Walking to work halfway I drop dead? I live until now so that I can drop dead in the middle of the haze lol.

I don’t get why the people are complaining that the NEA website are not giving accurate information but are still checking it every hour -.-… They complain that what they see outside their window is not reflected as the psi on the website..Wa now your eye got super power la? Can measure psi level just by looking la? If you don’t trust the website then don’t look at it la! Judge for yourself whether is it hazardous or not la wa lao eh..

Everyone looking at the 3-hr psi and complain bo zun, hello, it’s a psi reading from the past 3 hours, not a psi forecast 3 hours into the future…

Seriously though people who want to go out must remember to wear a mask hor! No mask wear bread also can lol like this uncle liddat.


Or you guys wanna go for more huan bao also can! Don’t keep using the disposable ones.


So now no mask how? Copy the uncle lo, put bread. Or put panties also can lol.

Talking about putting panties over your face, it is now Japan’s new fashion statement -.-” Apparently they will steal some other girls panties then wear them over their heads and proudly strut across Shibuya in Tokyo! Nah I’m just kidding! The wearing panties over the head is real though. Look:


Isn’t this proof concrete enough for you?! As you can see this is obviously some anime! And you can clearly see that that’s a a pair of panties over her head! You can also see tha…what? This is anime? so it isn’t real? What makes you think that anime = not real?! Do you know that thousands of people dress up as their favourite characters pretending to be them?! Why would someone spend so much time doing this if it isn’t real?? Why would…ok fine I’m digressing, you want more proof? Here!


uh..and here…


omg…this is getting more ridiculous…



Oops! That’s not suppose to be there! But they are related. The reason why those girls are doing this is because of a manga super hero that recently made it to the big screen! His name? He is Hentai Kamen! -.-” Click here to take a look at the video…

So now you know why that guy is dressed like that…probably preparing to go for some cosplay party…

Remember to go hentai kamen if you guys wanna leave the house!

Everybody eat #igsg #food

Waited so long #nandos

These streets will make you feel brand new.. Big lights will inspire you, let’s hear it for New York #newyorknewyork

New York.. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of #newyorknewyork

Wakakaka!! #ord

Wakakaka!! #ord

Don is nice.. #ichibanboshi

Don is good.. #ichibanboshi

Who wan to eat?? #japanese #curry


Hmmmm brownieee… #brownie #icecream



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